Thiry & Filliatreau exhibition
Discover The Chair designed by the Thiry-Filliatreau duo. To be seen currently in our Showroom in the 5th district of Paris.

Margot develops her practice centered on research and experimentation of materials by exploring different arts and crafts. Her passion for experimenting materials and the balance between theory and practice came into existence when she completed her training as a designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Afterwards, she continued her learning with ceramists from Jingdezhen, weavers from Oaxaca and architects from New York.

Arsène first honed his passion for typography at La Cambre before turning to graphic design at the ERG Brussels. This contemporary school allowed him to develop a sharp eye on the visual arts. There he pursues research on artistic and cultural practices related to urban planning. He then moved to Brazil to engage in a photographic practice that allows him to visually inscribe and merge his research on urban space.

Together they constitute the Thiry-Filliatreau duo which explores these complementarities to create objects and environments flirting between art and functionalism, always with the aim of challenging materials and their uses throughout the world. Their cross-disciplinary approach allows them to be invited by major fashion houses, museums or publishing houses to produce installations, scenographies or even limited edition furniture.